About Me...

First, I'm a servant of Christ! I know that sounds super deep, but it's true. Because I'm a servant, I've been able to serve God in the most unique ways; A Piece of Mel being one of them. What I do, really depends on what day of the week it is.

I'm in full-time ministry (we all are), I am an entrepreneur, an author, an innovator, a creative, and just like you, I'm discovering new gifts and talents every day. I love serving God's people and I'm all about advancing the Kingdom of God.


Besides that, I love dressing up and meeting my girls for brunch, or dancing in the mirror with my hair brush. You know, typical girl things. I live life to the fullest and enjoy the fullness of the portion God has given me.

APiece of Mel


A Piece of Mel is God's gift to me and truly a prized possession. It's symbolic and every day, God reveals more of what it means. "Mel" is symbolic for "mail" or "messenger." Whenever you receive mail, there is always a message. "Piece(s)" is symbolic for the spheres of influence God's called me to. As God's own, we have the mandate to spread the gospel, until all have heard.

With greater revelation, God is calling me to lead his messengers to greater depths of his glory and heights of success, both spiritual and in the marketplace. APOM provides a community for God's messengers to be filled up and sent out. The community focuses on three areas: The messenger, the sphere of influence they're called to, and how to engage and take dominion!