A Piece of Mel

God's Messenger

Mel, as known as "A Piece of Mel" on social media, is more than just a faith-based influencer. Mel is God's messenger and she loves conveying the voice of God in the most practical ways. 

Mel's call into ministry allows her to minister to both men and women all over the world. She leads a thriving faith-based community that focuses on equipping God's messengers to be effective messengers in their spheres of influence. She does that by teaching bible studies, leading prayer meetings, and trainings.

Mel entered the world of entrepreneurship by selling strategies to small businesses, packaging her knowledge into workshops and courses, and the launch of her devotional cards that became her staple product. 

No matter where Mel is, she always conveys the voice of God and points people back to him. As a messenger, that's what she does.