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Your gift is too big for the church! The church walls can't contain all that God has blessed you with. You were not only called to influence the church, you were called to influence the Earth. 

If God has placed you in particular sphere of influence, you are on an assignment and you are there on purpose, for a purpose. Your gifts, talents, skills, and anointing are especially for that sphere(s). It's not just for you to be successful or receive a paycheck, it's to advance the Kingdom of God.


I help Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Professionals by teaching them the importance of tying their work lives with their faith. I've created an integrated faith-based community that offers biblical teachings, marketplace and faith-based trainings, courses, and coaching. 


My calling is to equip God's messengers and show them how to be effective in their spheres by using biblical principles and practices. It's time for you to be intentional about what you're called to do. I want to show you how to be effective by staying committed to the call and being productive, maximizing your potential.

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