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Like many of you, I struggled to find where I belonged. I didn't fit in with everyone, and I was often misunderstood. I had this HUGE personality. My confidence would own the room. I could adapt to any social setting, and I would leave with everyone knowing my name. 

There was ONE wild card that often threw everyone for a loop; I had this unique ability. I could SEE, and I could HEAR. I know that's something everyone could do, but it was different for me. Somehow, I knew things without no one ever telling me. I could see what wasn't evident to the natural eye, and I could hear what wasn't being communicated at the time. 

Since a little girl, my aunt would call me a prophet. I didn't understand what it meant, but the older I got, I realized it was embraced in a church setting. When I accepted my call into ministry, I realized my gift was accepted, but my personality would have to totally die because I was told people with my gift didn't act like me.

Where Do People Like Me Go?

Instead of allowing that statement to derail my purpose, I sought God about it. I told God I needed a special place for someone like me. I needed my own space to thrive in, and that's when God gave me 'A Piece Of Mel.'

' A Piece Of Mel' is symbolic for people like me; God's messengers in unique places spreading his word. We're not always in the pulpit. We're in the marketplace, we're at social gatherings, we're in different industries, and we're not always in polished places. However, the mandate is still the same. 

Walking In Purpose

Now, I am in full-time ministry. I am the founder and leader of 'APOM Community,' a faith-based community teaching women like me who are trying to find their place and voice as women of God outside the four walls of the church. 

I am a spiritual advisor to families, leaders, business owners, and influencers, conveying the voice of God and leading them back to Christ. 

I coach and love women back to life! I design coaching programs for women who need healing, help with their businesses, or are in need of spiritual guidance. 

I am a creative and business strategist, conveying the voice of God in the marketplace. I help creatives, entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners create their own space to thrive. I help them get unstuck, solve brand problems, flesh out the vision, and implement strategies to meet business goals. 

I am an entrepreneur. I convey the voice of God through writing, creating products, and speaking.


A P  O M

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